Thursday, September 17, 2009


01/09/2011 I may start making the Bartleby again at the end of January. It is harder to stop than I thought.

10/30/2010 Will not be making any more Bartleby mods after Xmas. I may start selling the board only for any modders who would like to solder their own.

5/17/2010 Back to building. Shipping on Mondays
3/24/2010 Now on break! Owen And Emma have arrived :)
The twins are coming today or tomorrow...Taking a 2 - 4 week break from mod making. Cheers

Due to lost and damaged shipments I will no longer be using 1st Class Mail. From this point forward Priority shipping will be required @ $5.00

Currently out of 801 connectors, not sure if I will be ordering more as I do not receive enough orders for them. If you can supply a dead 801 battery I will make the mod at a discounted price.

TGWTF ended 11/25/2009.

USB rechargeable box mod. No Charger required. Charge while in use. Uses one 14500 Li-Ion battery

Includes Two 14500 Protected 3.7v Li-Ion Batteries. ...No Atomizer No miniUSB cable

$50.00 includes the Bartleby and 2 batteries
$6.00 Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation $16.00 International
$5.00 2 meter miniUSB cable
$10.00 2-pack of batteries

Email me for payment details or to ask questions.

801 shown (will soon have 510 pics as I no longer make the 801)


This mod uses Two 14500 Protected 3.7v Li-Ion Batteries. This mod is NOT USB rechargeable and requires a separate battery charger to charge 14500 3.7v Li-Ion batteries

$40.00 includes the Mod Only
$5.00 Priority Mail
$12.00 Charger
$8.00 2-pack of batteries

Please direct any questions to

Thank you for your patience while I get to know my new son and daughter.


  1. Best gadget I have purchased in years and I am a super gadget geek. I will be doing a youtube Vid review as soon as I update my website.

    Danny L. Ray II

  2. Boy am I a dope..... I should have commented sooner... I've had my 3.7v for a couple of months and loved it so much I bought the 5v..... I love it even more !!!! Well built, tough and compact ! And a great guy with great service t'boot

  3. can you vaporizer marijuana through one of these? yes i know im a noob lol

  4. No, jasond301 you can not. Nor should you ask things like that on an open forum.

  5. What batts do you use in the 5V model? Can they be changed out to make it 3.7V or does each model only use a specific voltage? Also can you just take out the batts and charge them on a regular charge instead of using the usb (if you get a usb model that is)?

  6. BK i just emailed him about the same thing. i am looking for something that is 3.7v with the option for 5v when i need the extra. Hopefully he gets back to me soon i am looking to order in a week and a half and i like the look of the Bartleby.

  7. Hey Jeff,

    cybervex emailed me and told me that the voltages aren't interchangeable. The 3.7 and 5 volt units are completely separate. The 3.7 uses one battery and the 5V uses 2.

  8. For those that have both the 3.7v and 5v, does the 5v need a different charging cable than the 3.7v? I'm interested in buying a 5v in addition to my 3.7v. Thanks!

  9. hi got a few questions...
    Has the 5v got a usb insert and how much for 2 unit's postage to melbourne victoria.

  10. can the 3.7 use a low resistance atomizer? maybe that will help with simulating a 5v experience? what s the mah rating on these batts?

  11. 10-4 on the low res atomizer, for all reasons of practicality it turns a 3.7 to 5ish. Use it on my chuck and will order a Bart as soon as Cyb is back =)

  12. Where can I see a picture of thes??
    Congrats on the twins.. Way Cool..

  13. Excellent design and function. My new favorite rig by far.

  14. just posted a vid on the bartleby

  15. Hey Jay - just wanted to say, mine's about to celebrate it's first year - and still going strong :) Other than having to change the atty connector when it broke, the rest of the mod is still alive and kicking.. hehe. Keep up the good work!

  16. Hi there, Bartlby ,
    I'd like to purchase this joye 510 hv mod battery, I think. I'm a bit unsure if this is what I need, but I bought the Joye 510 kit, and have lost my regular atomizer. I then purchased a HV5 atomizer but it says I should use w/ my regular battery. Anyway, I found you blog here from searching for a place to buy a HV joye 510 battery/charger, etc. Am I on the right track? Anyway, I have a US verified paypal acc. and would like to buy one if you're selling and if this is what I need.

  17. Sorry, I meant to write that it says I should *not* use with my regular joye 510 battery...