Friday, January 30, 2015

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


01/09/2011 I may start making the Bartleby again at the end of January. It is harder to stop than I thought.

10/30/2010 Will not be making any more Bartleby mods after Xmas. I may start selling the board only for any modders who would like to solder their own.

5/17/2010 Back to building. Shipping on Mondays
3/24/2010 Now on break! Owen And Emma have arrived :)
The twins are coming today or tomorrow...Taking a 2 - 4 week break from mod making. Cheers

Due to lost and damaged shipments I will no longer be using 1st Class Mail. From this point forward Priority shipping will be required @ $5.00

Currently out of 801 connectors, not sure if I will be ordering more as I do not receive enough orders for them. If you can supply a dead 801 battery I will make the mod at a discounted price.

TGWTF ended 11/25/2009.

USB rechargeable box mod. No Charger required. Charge while in use. Uses one 14500 Li-Ion battery

Includes Two 14500 Protected 3.7v Li-Ion Batteries. ...No Atomizer No miniUSB cable

$50.00 includes the Bartleby and 2 batteries
$6.00 Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation $16.00 International
$5.00 2 meter miniUSB cable
$10.00 2-pack of batteries

Email me for payment details or to ask questions.

801 shown (will soon have 510 pics as I no longer make the 801)


This mod uses Two 14500 Protected 3.7v Li-Ion Batteries. This mod is NOT USB rechargeable and requires a separate battery charger to charge 14500 3.7v Li-Ion batteries

$40.00 includes the Mod Only
$5.00 Priority Mail
$12.00 Charger
$8.00 2-pack of batteries

Please direct any questions to

Thank you for your patience while I get to know my new son and daughter.